El superpoder femenino en IT

A different approach
Laura Zuluaga
Chief Executive Officer

Do women have awareness of what we are capable of? How do society and the sexist practices of both men and women affect our potential? What would happen if we cultivated our potential based on our characteristics as women, and not in spite of them?

These are questions I frequently ask myself. As a woman, as a mother, and as an entrepreneur.

I wish that women would become more aware, sooner rather than later, of the tremendous possibilities we have to transform ourselves and the world if we understand where our power resides.

We have taken giant steps towards developing that awareness, but we still have much to do. Our emotions and sensitivity are superpowers that heal, repair, and transform, giving a different meaning to concepts of development, self-care, and well-being.

In my personal case, I have observed that by cultivating this awareness, everything can change.

Connecting with who we are and loving ourselves intensely makes us realize the infinite potential within each of us, how truly powerful we are when we have the courage to celebrate ourselves, to be who we are without fear, and to let the feminine power within each of us flow. When we accept who we are, we immediately perceive how the world is different because we are in it.

We have an innate ability to bring out the best in others thanks to our empathy, our ability to perceive what is happening around us and with others, and to create open and safe spaces to listen to what others feel or think. In other words, we are proposing a form of relationship based on closeness and solidarity, different from the usual transactional posture of personal and professional relationships..

I want to focus on a special characteristic, one that is related to the notion of community. Understanding that together we can go further, and that everyone's motivation depends on well-being, on the possibility of living in harmony between what we do, think, and feel, and what we want in our personal and professional lives. I have no doubt that a person in well-being is motivated, resilient, committed, and proactive.

For some time now, I made the decision to lead for transformation, and that means that when we connect with our essence, we activate our potential, and from experience, I can affirm that everything becomes clearer, lighter, simpler, more human.

Yes, we are transformers and leaders when we fundamentally know ourselves, identify our potential, and put it at the service of the world. Yes, we are women, and we don't have to be anything else to feel comfortable, secure, peaceful, and in well-being.

Yes, now is the time to continue with greater conviction than ever.

I invite all women to this revolution.