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Our Pillars


It is our differentiating pillar that drives our vision of co-creating a better world where disruptive work models promote spaces for innovation and efficiency, which in turn fosters competitiveness and advances the industry to new frontiers. We constantly strive to explore new technologies, techniques, and design approaches to deliver cutting-edge graphic solutions to our clients around the world. From conceptualization to implementation, we aim to exceed expectations and make a difference in every project.

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Flexibility is key in our work model as this pillar allows us to understand the diverse needs and work dynamics of our clients, enabling us to adapt swiftly to their specific requirements. Whether in terms of schedules, technical capabilities, or project scope, we are prepared to adjust and provide tailored solutions that effectively meet their needs.


We promote a lifestyle that goes beyond being just a network of EXCELLENT professionals. We specialize in understanding the modern human being and promoting lifestyles that enhance their capabilities. We measure this through various AI tools to validate how investing in your own WELL-BEING makes you more efficient and much more creative.

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Our Methodology

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The Staff Augmentation model is a hiring approach that allows companies to complement their internal team with specialized external talent based on project needs or for a specific period of time.

Over its more than 14 years of operation, Crear Digital has consolidated a large community of designers, enabling us to offer highly qualified profiles in skills and knowledge under flexible hiring arrangements in terms of both cost and duration.

It’s very simple, tell us your requirement, we will help you profile the best candidate for your need and we will find it in our database. Once we identify the talent, the necessary tests will begin to match your project, culture and work style. .

The staffing model provides quick access to specialized talent with greater flexibility in resource management, reducing human resources, logistical, and hiring costs. It also minimizes labor and administrative risks.

A wide range of roles and profiles can be covered through our community of expert designers in user interfaces, user experience, illustration, corporate identity, 2D and 3D animation, and art direction.

Staff Augmentation providers have rigorous staff selection and evaluation processes to ensure the quality and fit of candidates to specific client needs. In addition, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are usually established during the assignment period.

Flexibility in terms of contract duration and extension varies depending on the needs of the client company and the agreements established with the Staff Augmentation service provider. Contracts can be short, medium or long term, and can be extended or terminated as necessary.

The costs associated with our model primarily include the fees for the assigned talent, which may vary depending on the required experience and skills. Compared to other hiring options, Staff Augmentation often proves to be more cost-effective due to the flexibility in costs and reduced administrative expenses.